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Gender Equality Reporting Method

Employees, collaborators, consultants, workers, partners and third parties send Reports, even anonymously, according to the methods set out below, as soon as they become aware of the events that generated them:
Written report
Via postal service
Using the appropriate MOD-SGN form downloadable from the company website, https://www.e-repair.com/gender-equality-reporting, in a sealed envelope addressed to the Gender Equality Steering Committee at the registered office of E-REPAIR Via dei Pelaghi 306, 57124 Livorno (LI). On the outside the envelope must bear the words "DO NOT OPEN - CONFIDENTIAL - GENDER EQUALITY GUIDANCE COMMITTEE".
Written report
Via mail
Send to the email address segnalazioni.pg@e-repair.it managed by the Steering Committee, using the appropriate MOD-SGN form downloadable from the company website, https://www.e-repair.com/gender-equality-reporting.
Written report
Delivered by hand/box on site
Delivered by hand to the members of the Gender Equality Steering Committee, by letter in a special sealed envelope or deposited in the appropriate box at the office.
Oral reporting
Through a dedicated meeting
Direct meetings set within a reasonable time by the Gender Equality Steering Committee.
The Steering Committee, upon receipt of a Report, will record and classify all the reports received in a specific REG-SGN report register. Furthermore, it will proceed to deal only with the reports falling within the scope of the Procedure, i.e. those concerning Gender Equality, directing those not pertaining to it to the ODV.


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