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Cybersecurity services

Riparazione elettroniche industriali

Cybersecurity services

With our innovative Cybersecurity service, you can protect your industrial plant from external attacks. Our tools can also be applied to next-generation products.

Preventing cyber attacks

In line with the principles of Industry 4.0, E-Repair has developed, in collaboration with Siemens and Mcafee, an innovative Cybersecurity service, to protect both next-generation and obsolete industrial electronic products and ensure the highest level of security for the entire production plant.
Tipologie riparazioni elettroniche
Our Cybersecurity service can be provided alone or in combination with other services, such as:
    Electronics repair.

    Restoration to like-new condition of electronic devices.

    On-site support by a qualified technician.

    Cleaning and conformal coating of PCBs.

    Backup of both strategic components and the data contained therein.

    Product update support.

    Electronic product programming.

    PCB assembly.

    Production line upgrading.

Cybersecurity planning

To ensure business continuity, E-Repair will help you develop an implementation plan for the cybersecurity tools of the electronic devices installed on your production lines. This activity can be carried out during manufacturing downtime, according to production plans.

Advantages of this service

  • Times and costs defined in advance for all our services.

  • The highest level of protection for new and obsolete products against external attacks.

  • 1-year warranty on remanufactured products Read more
  • Extended support (2 years). Find out more.

  • Downtime and downtime cost reduction.

  • Lower environmental impact, as the life of your plant and its components will be extended.
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Benefits of E-Repair extended support (2 years)

E-Repair provides an extended support applicable to some specific items (including new, refurbished and repaired items) whose coverage starts at the date of purchase of a new or refurbished item, or on the date a repaired item is delivered.

You can buy our extended support when placing a purchase order or when your requested service is provided. Our extended support offers extra benefits not covered by a manufacturer guarantee, such as extended repairs and replacement of worn parts by E-Repair qualified technicians or its trusted partners.

Contact us to find out if you can add our extended support to the item you want to buy or repair.


Dispose of the used or defective product by replacing it with a working and tested remanufactured. In addition to helping the environment, thanks to the Circular Economy, E-Repair will recognize you the residual value of the product, saving on the purchase of the remanufactured product.