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Gender equality policy

E-Repair is committed to supporting the values ​​of gender equality through the adoption of corporate, organizational and management mechanisms based on respect for the rights, freedom and dignity of people. In particular, our company has equipped itself with a UNI/PdR 125 management system. In fact, the company operates according to the guidelines of the ISO 30415:2021 standard and the UNI/PdR 125:2022 practice through an approach based on impartiality and does not allow any form of direct or indirect, multiple and interconnected discrimination in relation to gender. It also promotes the conditions that allow the removal of cultural, organizational and material obstacles that limit the full expression of people and their complete valorization within the organization.

E-Repair preserves the value of its staff and promotes the protection of their psychophysical, moral and cultural integrity through working conditions that respect individual dignity and behavioral rules.

This policy aims to develop a clear approach in terms of mission, strategies and active practices in order to stimulate a collaborative, supportive working environment open to the contributions of all employees to increase the trust of people, customers and, in general, of civil society. It is also shared with its main stakeholders: staff, suppliers and customers, with the aim of promoting a culture oriented towards inclusion and gender equality and being a point of reference for other corporate entities. Creating a culture of gender equality is essential to ensure performance based on talent and long-term sustainability.

This document represents the guidelines to be implemented through HR processes, for the creation of a work environment with equal gender opportunities in the entire cycle of selection, management, development and career of people. The objective is to promote gender equality in all its dimensions to make the most of the resulting opportunities and generate value within the working environments while also obtaining a competitive advantage in the business.

For this reason, it intends to ensure gender equality through concrete actions that comply with the requirements/indicators established in the individual areas indicated by UNI/PdR 125:2022 and which are concretely appreciated by the staff. In this sense, attention is paid to the following aspects:
  • Culture and strategy;
  • Governance;
  • HR processes;
  • Opportunities for growth and inclusion of women in the company;
  • Remunerative equity;
  • Parenting and work-life balance.
C'est pourquoi il entend assurer l'égalité des sexes à travers des actions concrètes qui respectent les exigences/indicateurs établis dans les différents domaines indiqués par UNI/PdR 125:2022 et qui sont concrètement appréciées par le personnel. En ce sens, une attention particulière est portée aux aspects suivants:
  • selection and hiring;
  • career management;
  • pay equity;
  • protection of parenthood;
  • work-life balance;
  • prevention of abuse and harassment.
The commitment of E-Repair is aimed at preserving the value of people, so that everyone feels included and can give the best of themselves, feeling truly an integral part of society, takes the form of a strategy for the development and management of human resources, capable of promoting an inclusive culture to enhance the uniqueness of people and access to the same professional growth opportunities regardless of the role held in the organization. At the personnel and career management level, specific operating procedures have been set up that manage the relevant areas with a view to gender equality.

At a communication level (marketing and advertising activities) E-Repair transparently declares its desire to pursue gender equality, enhance gender equality and support female empowerment. E-Repair also guarantees that genders are equally represented among the panelists at round tables, events, conferences or other events, including those of a scientific nature, promoted by the organization itself.

E-Repair implements a policy aimed at promoting gender equality not only internally, but above all by favoring relations and commercial relationships with companies equally committed to gender equality issues.

In order to create an active oversight on the subject of Gender Equality, the Steering Committee for Gender Equality was established, composed of the President of the Board of Directors, RSG, HR and AMM.

This policy is made available for consultation in the dedicated section of our website.


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