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Anti-corruption Policies and Procedures

E-REPAIR's commitment to fighting corruption

E-REPAIR prevents its Staff, its Partners – for the part that concerns it – and, in general, anyone who carries out activities on behalf of the Company, from requesting, promising, offering or receiving any gifts, gratuities or benefits, whether potential or actual, by or to persons who do not work for the Company, whether they are public officials or public service officers, government representatives, public employees or private citizens, both from Italy and from other countries, that could determine illegal behaviour, or, in any case, be interpreted by an impartial observer, as aimed at getting an advantage, even non-economic, deemed relevant according to common belief, also aimed at facilitating, or guaranteeing the provision of services in any case due as part of the business activities.

Each employee and director shall read and understand the contents of this policy and to behave in compliance with its rules, as well as with the laws and regulations in force.
1.1 Introduction
E-REPAIR has implemented this Anti-corruption Model in compliance with ethical standards and with international and national regulations on the prevention of corruption in all its forms, whether direct and indirect, as well as integrity, transparency and correctness in carrying out its business activities.
The Model was approved by resolution of the Board of Directors of E-REPAIR, and, at the same time, the persons responsible for implementing the Model were identified.
E-REPAIR promotes, as much as possible, the adoption and compliance with the standards defined by this Model by the companies or entities associated with the company (consortia, temporary associations, joint ventures, etc.).
Starting from the date of implementation of this Model, any agreements with third parties in general that should represent E-REPAIR before third parties shall include specific clauses on compliance with the rules of conduct set by this Model.

1.2 Objectives and contents
E-REPAIR, in compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics, undertakes to carry out its activities in compliance with ethical principles and with applicable laws.
Having a tool that defines the principles and policy to be adopted for carrying out business operations consistently with the provisions of the main international anti-corruption regulations (‘FCPA’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and ‘UKBA’ UK Bribery Act) and with those in force in the countries where E-REPAIR operates, and as defined by the company management is extremely important for E-REPAIR.
This Anti-corruption Model is implemented in order to provide a systematic Anti-corruption regulatory framework, to which E-REPAIR will refer to prevent active and passive corruption, and, in particular, offering and receiving money, advantages and/or other benefits, or payments, made or received, by anyone acting in the name or on behalf of the Company in relation to business activities, in order to ensure compliance with Anti-corruption regulations. The Model, therefore, will be a guide that addresses the risks of corruption that may occur in the performance of business activities.
It should also be noted that, should the provisions set by local law be more restrictive than this Model, E-REPAIR undertakes to comply with them. However, no Model is able to regulate all the potential situations that could actually occur. Employees are, therefore, encouraged to ask their supervisors for any information on specific facts and circumstances that may concern these issues.


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