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Founded in 2007, over the years E-Repair has distinguished itself for quality, reliability and innovation, becoming the market leader and the only Siemens service partner in Italy for the repair of industrial electronic boards. The heart of the activity is in the innovative laboratories, where qualified technicians work on 4 product lines, and are able to repair products of the main brands on the market. E-Repair develops customized preventive maintenance solutions that safeguard the system and reduce breakdowns, reducing downtime and costs of machine downtime. Through the services of: Product advance, technological washing, data back up and dedicated warehouse for the plant's strategic products.

The E-Repair method is based on 3 key concepts:

  • Reliability: uses modern equipment, complying with ISO 9001-2015 and OHSAS 18001-2007 standards and tests each repaired, reconditioned or regenerated product, guaranteeing it for 1 year;

  • Innovation: every year it invests 25% of its turnover in research and development for the creation of tools, useful for repair and stress testing;

  • Connectivity: business processes are controlled through management software and each activity can be monitored by the customer directly from the E-Repair site.

Promoter of Circular Economy, offers services and processes for the reuse of industrial electronic boards.

For E-Repair, the regeneration of electronic components is not just business but wants to be an example in the reduction of industrial pollution and in raising awareness of respect for the environment.


Dispose of the used or defective product by replacing it with a working and tested remanufactured. In addition to helping the environment, thanks to the Circular Economy, E-Repair will recognize you the residual value of the product, saving on the purchase of the remanufactured product.